Sell Your Junk Car With or Without Title, Running Or Not, Get Cash On the Spot! Bad Motor or Transmission Issues? Get Rid Of That Junk Car Today. Junk Car Removal is Free, You Get Paid!

A Convenient Service..

Many people have unwanted junk cars they need to get out of their garage. Our convenient service to get rid of your unwanted car from companies, small business owners, and/or individuals is your only go to service.

Whether it's a used car or an old car, the scrap metal that we collect is recycled and repurposed in order to minimise the depletion of precious natural resources.

Can I Still Get Cash for My Old Car if I Don't Have a Title? Keys?

Don't have a title for your old car? No worries! We can still give you money for an old car providing it meets the following criteria:

You must be the vehicle's owner;

The automobile must be 10 years old or older;

The vehicle is registered in your name.

If you meet these criteria, then we can give you cash for your old car. We also give cash for old trucks, SUVs, minivans, and vans.

Since we'll be towing your vehicle, then selling it for scrap, we don't need the keys. Of course, the keys are helpful, but if you don't have them available, we can still remove the vehicle and give you cash for your unwanted car!

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    We can purchase a variety of different used junk cars and you could get top prices for your scrap cars! Call the professionals that will get you top-class service from us. We can collect your junk cars from any location in Orlando that we cover at a time that’s convenient for you!

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  • Best Cash Offer for Junk Cars in Orlando, Fl

    Best Cash Offer for Junk Cars in Orlando, Florida

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By getting rid of your junk car, we process and recycle the whole car for scrap metal.


We will pick up your junk car within the same day.


We understand that you have a busy schedule so we can schedule a pickup when you're available.


Get paid cash on the spot for your junk car.